FlowScanner Data Acquisition and Interpretation, 1427 - Emerson Course

Specific for:

Valve Engineer Reliability Engineer Instrument Technician Operator - Control Valves

This course is for personnel who will perform and interpret control valve diagnostic testing using a FlowScanner.

This course uses lecture and hands-on labs to teach students to properly acquire and analyze diagnostic data using the FlowScanner. This course teaches proper setup of hardware and software, accurate entry of data, and other procedures that are required to ensure accuracy when acquiring data. Also covered are good techniques in interpreting and analyzing the collected data. Actual case histories form a basis for teaching interpretation skills.  Students will test and diagnose a sampling of valves in which specific problems have been ntroduced. Students who complete this will:

  • navigate features of FlowScanner software 
  • correctly mount sensors and related FlowScanner hardware on standard air-operated valves (AOV's) 
  • enter valve, instrument, and actuator data 
  • correctly enter test parameters 
  • perform various step and stroking tests to collect diagnostic data
  • analyze typical/atypical, FlowScanner data
  • create/view standard FlowScanner reports
  • Welcoming- Introduction
  • Cernay site visit (if Possible)
  • Flowscanner Hardware/Software Overview 
  • In-Depth Software Navigation 
  • Setup and Testing Techniques 
  • Data Entry & Test Criteria Best Practices  
  • Data Management 
  • Report Generation/Expected Results 
  • Background Software Routines and 
  • Equations for the Analysis Numbers
  • Case Study Analysis- Including Discussions of Valve/Instrument/Installation Problems
  • Laboratory Activities/Support (if possible)

Course 1400, or significant experience in valve and instrument operation/maintenance procedures.

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