Advanced FlowScanner Diagnostic Interpretation, 1428 - Emerson Course

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Valve Engineer Maintenance Technician Process Engineer Valve Engineer

This 3 days course is for personnel who are responsible for interpreting plots and other diagnostic data that is acquired with the Fisher FlowScanner™. This course focuses on data interpretation. Data acquisition is taught in course 1427.

Because of the advanced nature of this class, the prerequisite is strictly enforced.  A pre-test and a control valve awareness test are used to confirm applicant readiness. A brief review of FlowScanner software confirms student familiarity with test setups, pressure and travel channels, and the objectives of all available test procedures. The course is based on a structured combination of lectures and hands-on labs to teach students how to identify problems in control valve assemblies. Emphasis is placed on determining and confirming overall control valve health and condition by examining each of the major components of the assembly: I/P, positioner, actuator, and valve body. Report generation and some field tips are also presented. To capitalize on learning from shared experiences, students are encouraged to bring in test data from an interesting scenario or a current problem. Those who complete this course will: 

  • select the appropriate FlowScanner test for a given scenario.
  • understand the impact of scan rates on the appearance and interpretation of acquired data.
  • analyze FlowScanner test data to determine overall control valve health by evaluating the condition of the various components of the assembly.
  • identify multiple anomalies in a single assembly.
  • use FlowScanner functions to generate Quick Reports.
  • learn how to perform a step test on a discrete valve without interrupting power to the valve.
  • Review of Various FlowScanner Tests and Specific Objectives of Each
  • Impact of Test Configuration Errors
  • Data Interpretation from Tests of “Bugged” Valve Assembles
  • Multiple Anomalies Found in Control Valves
  • Exporting Data
  • Generating Quick Reports
  • Interpretation of Difficult Uncovered Control Valve Problems

Course 1427 and a minimum of six months of diagnostic testing with the Flowscanner.

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