SYNCADE - Document Control and Archiving, 7081 - Emerson Course

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In-Class, Virtual

This 3-day class provides the user with the necessary skills to set up, configure and maintain the DCA module in SyncadeTM Suite. Students will be taught repository setup and administration settings, how to add documents to a user configured repository structure using manual or automated techniques, manually move documents through the promotion model as well as editing existing documents and making them available to the production cycle.

Users will configure and use the Change Request feature within DCA to move documents through the promotion model. Change request types and workflows will be created and users assigned to the roles in the steps to automate the document promotion process.

Document packages will also be taught in this class. Users will create package classes that will be used to create a print package for a production run.

  • DCA Overview
  • DCA User Interface
  • Repository Creation, Configuration and Use
  • Document Types
  • Configured Properties
  • Creating Document Properties
  • Adding Documents – Manual / Autoloader
  • Document Life Cycle
  • Document Change Control
  • Change Request User Interface
  • Change Request Life Cycle
  • Change Request Types
  • Change Request Workflows
  • Creating Change Requests
  • Review and Approval Processes
  • Document Packages Overview
  • Packages User Interface
  • Package Classes

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