Starting with Data Acquisition (for Windows), OV100-WIN - Emerson Course

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OV100-WIN provides experience using an Ovation™ Data Acquisition System (DAS). Ovation terminology and proper use of Ovation documentation are discussed. Students are introduced to the major components of the system and practice using Ovation tools that are designed to make data acquisition easy. Exercises include modifying and building database point records for analog and digital points. Students physically connect various field devices to the I/O and test the signals. Basic techniques for troubleshooting data acquisition hardware and software are also included in the course. This course is intended for anyone who will need to work with the DAS of the Ovation system in a Windows environment.
Note: We will be offering separate OV100-WIN courses for Ovation 3.x and Ovation 2.x users. As the courses are scheduled simultaneously, please be sure that you enroll in the proper system-level class. The course duration is five days.


Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:

• Recognize Ovation terminology and identify the types of drops used for data acquisition in an Ovation system
• Demonstrate the ability to effectively use Ovation documentation
• Describe the functions of the Ovation network and its components
• Describe the general architecture of an Ovation system
• Describe the database point record movement between various drops as the points are monitored, modified and built
• Monitor plant processes using data acquisition tools

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