Solaris to Windows Upgrade, OV115-WIN - Emerson Course

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The OV115-WIN course is designed to teach the Ovation™ Windows® 3.5 software utility packages from a higher level. The course provides instruction on the Ovation Windows studio of application programs including the building of point records, control sheets, graphic displays and the loading, saving and downloading of each entity. Topics of discussion include: basic network, architecture and components, Operator functions, Developer Studio features, Control and Graphics building and Basic system configuration. The course duration is five days.

The course is intended but not limited to students with a knowledgeable Solaris background and should have attended the UNIX (core) courses namely the OV100-UNIX, OV200-UNIX and OV210-UNIX prior to attending the OV115-WIN.

Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:

• Describe the functions and differences of the Ovation Windows network and its components
• Monitor plant processes using Ovation Windows data acquisition tools
• Navigate and understand the Ovation Developer Studio
• Demonstrate a basic level of proficiency using the Ovation 3.5 control builder
• Demonstrate a basic level of proficiency using the graphics builder
• Understand and implement some basic Ovation Windows configuration changes

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