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OV200-WIN is designed to provide proficiency in reading Ovation™ functional control schemes. Tuning, building and implementing new control schemes to improve performance are also covered. Both modulating (analog) and discrete digital control schemes are included in the scope of this course. Discussions will include the various types of control algorithms available and how they can be used to create effective control. This course is intended for people who work with Ovation controllers to tune and build analog and digital control schemes in a Windows environment. The course duration is five days.

Students must have a good understanding of the Ovation system architecture and how database point records are built and maintained in the Ovation Windows-based system. It is recommended that students attend OV100-WIN prior to attending this course.

Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:

• Interpret and apply a control functional to the Ovation Windows-based system
• Interpret and tune implemented control using the available tools
• Edit existing control schemes
• Demonstrate proficiency in building digital and analog control
• Design and implement a tracking scheme to meet specific control requirements
• Recognize the relationship between control schemes and graphic diagrams
• Implement given control requirements using the Control Builder
• Evaluate and determine the proper operation of a control scheme using the tools and methods provided

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