Building Ovation Graphics (for Windows), OV210-WIN - Emerson Course

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This course will teach the user to build Ovation™ system graphic diagrams. Students will learn how to use the Ovation Graphics Builder in various applications. Course topics include the layout and implementation of static and dynamic objects, linking to control, and creating perspective-type diagrams. Methods for standardizing information entities and control interfaces, and troubleshooting problems within graphics code are also covered. This course is intended for anyone who will build process diagram displays for the Ovation system. The course duration is five days.

Students must understand Ovation point record fields and Ovation control algorithm structures. It is recommended that students attend OV100-WIN prior to attending this course. If the student will be heavily involved in creating control interfaces, either OV200-WIN-3.0.X or OV210-WIN.3.1.X is also recommended.

Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:
• Describe the different coding areas within the graphic source code
• Build graphics to display live plant data
• Use various drawing techniques to create 3D graphics
• Interface graphics to the control system by using poke fields
• Design and implement macros to be used within graphics
• Use conditional statements to create dynamic indications in graphics
• Employ various techniques to make graphics code execute more efficiently
• Use various application programs within a graphic to perform specific actions
• Assess and correct problems in graphics with available tools

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