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This course is designed for those who have a need or desire for a good, general, overall understanding of Ovation™ system software and software utilities. This course contains and connects software topic segments from five different Ovation one-week courses: OV100-WIN, OV200-WIN-3.0.X, OV210-WIN, OV230-WIN and OV300-WIN. The topics covered include Ovation application functions; the Developer Studio architecture; point building; creating and modifying control sheets; creating and modifying graphics; backing-up MMIs including a domain controller; and adding points for collection to an Ovation Process Historian. This course is not intended to replace the five one-week courses directed toward personnel who have a singular need for the detailed knowledge provided in the one-week courses.
The course does not involve implementing any I/O modules. A sequel course, OV216-WIN, specifically focuses on I/O applications and is scheduled to follow OV215-WIN. The course duration is ten days.


Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:
• Identify the major components of an Ovation system
• Understand basic Ovation terminology
• Demonstrate basic Ovation operator functions
• Understand data movement in an Ovation system
• Understand the hierarchy and basic right-click functions within the Ovation Developer Studio
• Use the Ovation Developer Studio to modify and create points
• Monitor control that has been implemented in an Ovation system
• Interpret and tune implemented control using the available tools
• Build and modify control schemes using the Developer Studio
• Interpret and modify tracking schemes to meet specific control requirements
• Recognize the relationship between control schemes and graphic diagrams
• Implement given control requirements using the Developer Studio
• Evaluate and determine the proper operation of a control scheme using the tools and methods provided

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