Ovation System Administration (for Windows), OV230-WIN - Emerson Course

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The course will provide students with an understanding of Ovation™ system licensing, security, configuration, backup, and recovery. Students will learn how to navigate the Ovation file system as well as basic administration skills. Students will also explore Ovation workstation hardware. This course is intended for Ovation system administrators and those wishing to complete the Ovation Certification Program. The course duration is five days.

Students must have a good understanding of the Ovation system architecture. Experience working in a Windows environment is helpful but not necessary. Prior completion of OV100-WIN, OV210-WIN and either OV200-WIN-3.0.X or OV200-WIN-3.1.X is highly recommended but not required.

Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:

• Navigate and understand the Ovation Developer Studio
• Understand licensing of the Ovation system
• Implement process control and user security in the Ovation system (2.3 and lower)
• Apply system configuration changes to the Ovation system
• Add new and modify existing drops to the Ovation system
• Navigate and understand the Ovation file systems, structure, sharing, and security
• Backup the Ovation database and required files to various media
• Load an Ovation system
• Recover the Ovation database and required files from backup
• Understand upgrading and maintaining the Ovation hardware
• Use Developer Studio to implement given control requirements
• Map and share directories and files in the Windows environment

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