Ovation with HART and Smart Devices (for Windows), OV270-WIN - Emerson Course

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This (virtual) course will provide the student with the skills to fully utilize the special features of I/O related to HART and smart field devices attached to the Ovation™ system. Students will learn the basic components of an Ovation system. Items discussed will include physical attachment of field devices to the Ovation I/O modules, building of HART/smart data points in the system, analysis of the data available from the field device, and diagnosis of problems that may occur. This course is intended for technicians and administrators using an Ovation system that includes HART and smart field devices. The course duration is two days.

Students should complete OV100-WIN prior to taking this course. OV210-WIN and either OV200-WIN-3.0.X or OV200-WIN-3.1.X are also recommended.

Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:

• Identify the configuration of components in an Ovation system using Hart/smart devices
• Attach HART/smart field devices to the Ovation I/O cards
• Build database points for the field devices
• Use AMS™ Suite to obtain data from the devices
• Diagnose common problems and configuration errors

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