Ovation Troubleshooting (for Windows), OV300-WIN - Emerson Course

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This course provides students with the skills and methods to troubleshoot and repair faults in the data acquisition and control functions of the Ovation™ system. Students will be required to isolate faults anywhere in the signal path - from the field terminations, to the I/O modules, through the controller, across the network, and into the graphic display. Students will evaluate single- and multiple-problem scenarios. This course is intended for anyone who may be called to troubleshoot any part of the data acquisition, control or display areas of the Ovation system. The course duration is five days.

Students must have a basic understanding of the Ovation system architecture, database point records, system controls, and process diagrams. It is strongly recommended that students attend the OV100-WIN and either the OV200-WIN-3.0.X or OV200-WIN-3.1.X courses prior to attending this course. In addition the OV210-WIN and OV230-WIN courses also provide useful skills that support this course.

Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:

• Identify and resolve selected hardware, system administration, and software problems
• Troubleshoot the system using documentation and available tools to analyze system faults or problem conditions
• Interpret system error messages
• Recognize and resolve problems with the system administration tool
• Using a systematic approach to fault analysis, isolate and correct selected network, port and printer faults

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