Digital Generator Control, OV376-WIN - Emerson Course

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The Digital Generator Control (DGC) Fundamentals course is intended for Engineers and I&C Technicians that will interface with and maintain the DGC system. The course provides the history and fundamentals of generator excitation with an overview of the excitation types and concepts of SCR bridges. The course discusses the DGC and its elemental components, maintenance and troubleshooting, data retrieval and analysis. The course duration is three days.

This course is not Ovation™ based. Attendees are not required to have experience with Ovation nor a background in Distributed Control Systems.

Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:
• Navigate the control software and review alarm summaries
• Understand basic DGC troubleshooting and maintenance procedures
• View the DGC Application Software Display, Log-view and Sequence of Events
• Understand basics of Amplifiers, Firing Circuits and the Controller
• Review the fundamentals and technology associated with the DGC

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