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This e-learning course is intended for students with no prior experience with vibration analysis. The participants of this course will be better prepared for the standard Emerson Basic Vibration Analysis course.
Students will learn how the technology of Vibration Analysis is a crucial part of any predictive maintenance program, by explaining what Vibration Analysis is, and providing examples of the types of faults that can be detected with the correct equipment and training. Students will also gain an understanding of where and how vibration is measured, with a focus on good data collection techniques.
The students will be given a basic breakdown of the data units that are used in vibration analysis and a beginning knowledge of how vibration data will be analyzed. Students who attend this course will have a working knowledge of the techniques and skills that will be developed in the Emerson Basic Vibration Analysis course.

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Vibration

Chapter 2: How is Vibration Measured?

Chapter 3: Understanding the Vibration Signal

Chapter 4: Vibration Units

Chapter 5: Analysis Parameters

Chapter 6: Data Analysis: Where to begin?

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