Micro Motion Online Instrument & Electrical (I&E) Technician, e2353 - Emerson Course

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This online training is targeted for individuals who startup and maintenance Micro Motion Coriolis meters.

Typical job functions include: maintenance and instrument technicians or engineers. This course is made up of a total 26 topics that cover basic installation, wiring and configuration of a Micro Motion 2700 transmitter with configurable input/outputs and any compatible Micro Motion sensor series.
Each module has a short overview of each step of the commissioning process followed by modules that provide the viewer an interactive experience for using the four configuration tools; ProLink III, AMS Device Manager, HC475 Field Communicator or integral display.
The lessons are organized as follows:

  • Coriolis Meter Fundamentals
  • Wiring Sensor to Transmitter
  • Connection & Use of Configuration Tools with 2700 Transmitter
  • Configure Process Measurements
  • Integrate the Meter with the Control/Operating System
  • Configure Device Options & Meter Information
  • Final Checkout

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For this location the course is available On Demand or On Site

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