ROC and FloBoss Engineering II, RA1210 - Emerson Course

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This Remote Automation Solutions course is an advanced course for experienced ROC and FloBoss users. Participants are typically engineers, technicians, and others with the responsibility for day to day operation and maintenance of the ROC and FloBoss products.
This 4-1/2 day course provides background and exercises that allow participants to learn effective implementation of the ROC364, ROC306/312, the FloBoss 407, the FloBoss 500, and the FloBoss 103. Items include hands-on lab work for connecting, configuring and troubleshooting hardware and software.
Each student will be provided with a PC (ROCLINK preinstalled), a Remote Automation Solutions RTU, a communications cable, and a workbook for the duration of the class.

Participants should have formal ROC/FloBoss configuration training and a working Knowledge of their application/process. Participants should also have advanced PC knowledge and be thoroughly familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems (XP or later versions).

Overview of ROC300 Series
Overview of FloBoss 407 and FloBoss 500
FloBoss 407 Advanced Concepts
- General Operation
- Managing Flash Memory (User Programs)
- MVS Operation, Multi-Dropping and Temperature Calibration
- HART Basics
- Connecting/Configuring the MVS Point to
Point & Multi-Drop HART Instruments/
ROC/Modbus Configuration
- Communications Basics
- RS232, RS485/RS422 Basics and Lab
- Dialup Communication Basics and Lab
FST Guidelines
PID Control

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For this location the course is available On Demand or On Site

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