ControlWave Designer Programming, RA440 - Emerson Course

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A hands-on course that will give you as much exposure to ControlWave programming as
possible in the shortest amount of time.
The ControlWave Designer Short Course provides the knowledge and skill required to define and control inputs and outputs of related real world applications, including basic communications and troubleshooting. The class project will help students generate and debug simple control strategy programs using Function Block, Ladder Logic, and Structured Text programming languages, including programming for Modbus communications.
Participants must have a strong working knowledge of personal computers and Windows XP or a later version.
Participants should have a strong working knowledge of their application/process.
Participants should have programming experi ence (this course is not recommended for beginning programmers) .
Participants should have completed "Creating a Simple Project".
  • Understand How IEC-61131-3, ControlWave Designer and On-Line Utilities Work
  • Master Skills Necessary to Create a Program for ControlWave Controllers
  • Learn the Bristol Library of Function Blocks for Measurement, Calculations, Process Control, Data Storage
  • Understand OpenBSI Communications Software
  • Master How to Establish Ethernet/IP Communications using ControlWave Designer
  • Learn to Program Polling and Data Transfers in BSAP and an I/O Environment
  • Understand How to Define a Hierarchical Network of ControlWave Controllers Using NetView
  • Understand the Configuration of Communication via other Protocols such as -- Modbus

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