ControlWave Designer Communications Programming, RA442 - Emerson Course

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Personnel responsible for the establishing of communication interfaces to ControlWave Automation products.
A continuation of ControlWave Designer Fundamentals, this course focuses on networking and communications. Students will program the ControlWave to communicate to other devices in a network, as well as transfer and receive signal lists using serial and IP communications. Other application software will be utilized to configure, establish, and debug communications with these devices. Students will learn the advanced methods of communicating to Bristol and ControlWave devices using Client/Server modules, and to MODBUS protocol devices using custom function blocks.
Successful completion of course #441, ControlWave Designer Fundamentals.
Participants must have a strong working knowledge of personal computers and Windows XP or later version.
Participants should have a strong working knowledge of their application/process.
  • Client/Server Function Blocks
  • System Communication Variables
  • BSAP Network Communications

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