OpenEnterprise for SCADA - Basics, RA701 - Emerson Course

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The class is intended for users who have experience with programming and configuration of Bristol RTUs.
This class provides a very brief introduction to the OpenEnterprise Server, and more detailed coverage of the OpenEnterprise Workstation and OpenEnterprise Reporting packages (version 2.80).
At the conclusion of the Class, students will be able to install a very simple OpenEnterprise Server and Workstation; configure communications with Bristol RTU’s and then begin building HMI displays, trends, alarm windows, and develop a basic user interface using these products.
Participants must have a strong working knowledge of personal computers and Windows 2000/ XP or a later version.
Participants must have a strong working knowledge of their application/ process.
Participants must have a strong have completed an OpenBSI and ControlWave Designer Training Class.
  • Database Explorer and structure
  • Creating display objects
  • Alarm Windows, and Alarm & Event History
  • Creating and Configuring Trends
  • Data Export
  • Creating Reports
  • System Troubleshooting

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For this location the course is available On Demand or On Site

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