OpenEnterprise for SCADA Systems - Intermediate, RA702 - Emerson Course

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This class is intended for engineers who will be designing and building complete OpenEnterprise systems.
This course will equip you to be able to install an OpenEnterprise Server and Workstation; configure the communications,security, historical, alarming, messaging and other major subsystems. Most of the tools within the OpenEnterprise toolbox will be covered during this class.
Participants should have formal RTU configuration training and a working knowledge of their application/process.
Participants must be thoroughly familiar with Windows 2000/ XP or later versions.
Participants should have advanced PC and networking skills.
Participants must have completed the Basic OpenEnterprise Class course #701.
  • Learn Advanced Configurations of the OpenEnterprise Systems
  • Perform Alarming and Messaging Configurations
  • Learn to Configure, Diagnose and Troubleshoot OpenEnterprise Systems
  • Creating Calculations from RTU Data

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