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The Config600 Pro course is aimed at application engineers and system integrators who design and develop FloBoss S600+ applications for integration with metering systems and skids.
The Config600 Pro course provides an insight into the generation of application configurations for the FloBoss S600+. The course will include a mixture of input from the trainer and participative training involving work in pairs and as individuals.
All attendees will be supplied with a Config600 Pro license, electronic copies of all documentation and Config600 Pro release CD’s (including PDF copies of marketing materials).
Participants should have completed the online familiarization course and be familiar with metering techniques and standards.
Participants should bring their own laptop computers to the course and should prefer ably have administrator privileges.
Participants must be PC literate.
Participants should have the Config600+ application installed on their laptop prior to attending – Note: this must not be installed more than 1 week prior to the course as the evaluation license expires after 14 days.
Participants should have an appreciation of computer programming languages.
  • Basic Concepts and Product Architecture
  • Install and Configure S600+ Applications
  • S600+ Database Structure and Commonly used Features
  • Create and Configure Displays/Reports/Modbus Interfaces

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For this location the course is available On Demand or On Site

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