Operation and Maintenance of the Flame Photometric Detector Module, R4215 - Emerson Course

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The four day course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the flame Photometric Module (FPD) used with the 500, 700 and 700XA. It does not cover any aspect of the theory of the model 500, 700 or

700XA neither does it cover the menus and use of MON2000/MON2020. The course concentrates on practical work. The course is aimed at those who will be carrying out maintenance on the FDP module.

The course covers the following subjects:




  • Sulphur Analysis using FPD
  • FPD Theory and Maintenance
  • Applications
  • Dismantling and Rebuilding a
  • Flame Cell Replacing all the “O”Rings
  • Removing/Installing the Flame Cell and Photomultiplier into the FPD module
  • Setting up the Hydrogen/Air Ratio to Achieve Continuous Combustion
  • Adjusting the Entry of the sample into the Flame Cell
  • Setting Up the Flame Out Circuit
  • Adjusting the Amplifier to Optimize Peak Amplitude
  • FPD Chromatograms
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Fault Finding

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For this location the course is available On Demand or On Site

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