TankMaster Training, RTG102 - Emerson Course

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This 4-day TankMaster Training covers more detailed information about TankMaster functions. This course is suitable for anyone who works with TankMaster as well as for customers who use WinOpi as the operators' interface. Among other useful functions in TankMaster, the training covers batchhandling, Custom Views, and Redundancy. Students who complete this course will:

  • correctly perform System Configuration
  • properly configure Host Communication
  • properly use Redundancy
  • perform basic troubleshooting


  • System Configuration
  • WinOpi Tools
  • Host Communication and OPC
  • TankMaster Batch
  • Custom Views and Translation
  • TankMaster to Enraf
  • Network Basics
  • Redundancy
  • TankMaster.net
  • Administrator Program, Backup & Restore
  • Troubleshooting


This course is customized for service, project, and sales engineers. The course includes both practical and theoretical training.


It is required that you have previously attended the Technical Product Training or have good knowledge of the Rosemount Tank Gauging System. 

Course Details

Location: Sweden, Göteborg
Date Start: 2019-10-15
Date End: 2019-10-18

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