Ovation System Administration & Process Historian, OV231 - Emerson Course

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Five Days


Students must have a good understanding of Ovation system architecture and how database point records are built and maintained. Experience working in a Windows environment is helpful but not necessary. Prior completion of the OV100 - WIN, OV200 - WIN and OV210 - WIN courses is highly recommended but not required.


This course combines two topics, first part will provide students with an understanding of Ovation system licensing, security, configuration, backup, and recovery. Second part of the course is related to configuration and retrieving data from Ovation Process Historian. Students will learn how to navigate the Ovation file system and basic administration skills as well as how to configure Ovation points and the Ovation system for collection. This course is intended for Ovation system administrators who will also configure and maintain the Ovation Process Historian and Report Generator.


Upon successful completion of this course using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:

  •  Navigate and understand the Ovation engineering tools (Developer Studio for Windows).
  • Understand licensing of the Ovation system.
  • Implement process control and user security in the Ovation system (2.4 and later).
  • Apply system configuration changes to the Ovation system.
  • Add new and modify existing drops to the Ovation system
  • Navigate and understand the Ovation file systems, structure, sharing, and security.
  • Backup the Ovation database and required files to various media.
  • Load an Ovation system.
  • Recover the Ovation database and required files from backup.
  • Describe the functions of the Ovation Process Historian and related components
  • Configure scanners and points for collection
  • Recognize the Ovation Process Historian database scheme and understand the concept of a relational database management system (RDBMS)
  • Understand the Ovation Process Historian architecture and hardware
  • Install and configure the Ovation Process Historian report manager
  • Schedule, automate and manipulate reports
  • Distribute reports using various techniques such as email, web publishing, printers and various output files
  • Create historical trends and build global trend groups
  • Create historical point, alarm, SOE, op- Event, ASCII and common reviews
  • Analyze the Ovation Process Historian with the diagnostic tools available.

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