AMS - Advanced AMS Machinery Manager, Virtual Classroom, 2070V - Emerson Course

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Duration 4 Days
Overview: This 4-day course is the third in our series of AMS Machinery Manager courses. Its focus is on the management, modification and optimization of the existing AMS Machinery Manager database. Students will learn how to modify existing Wizard configurations, add and edit users, statistically adjust alert and fault levels, make global database changes, and many other very useful database functions. This course is based on the current mass release of the AMS Machinery Manager software. Students can call to verify if the course is appropriate to the version they are using. Infrared Analysis, Motorview, CSI Online Machinery Health™ Monitor and Oilview modules are covered in other course offerings and are not part of this course.
Topics: · Advanced Analysis Features in Vibration Analysis Module
· Problem Reporting
· Status-at-a-Glance Operation and Reporting
· Nspectr®
· Wizard - Reporting Techniques and Modification/Addition of Setup Information
· Austostat
· Database Utility
· Database Zip Utility
· Network Administration
· Data Locker Management
Audience: This course is intended for the advanced user who has already created a machinery database and has been acquiring, storing and analyzing data for six months or more. Prerequisites
Prerequisites: Intermediate Vibration (course 2032) or one-year vibration analysis experience are recommended. Experience with the Windows operating system is recommended.

For Virtual trainings, requirements include:
•High speed internet access
•Audio enabled computer
•Access to launch Adobe Connect Meeting Room
•Access to

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