Operation and Maintenance NON-XA any one of the following: 700/500/FPD/C9+, R4210 / R4212 / R4215 - Emerson Course

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Open week dedicated to any one of the courses R4210, R4212 or R4215, depending on request. 


R4210 is most valuable to those with at least six months experience of gas chromatograph It prepares participants to operate and repair a Model 500 gas chromatograph with model 2350A controller

R4212 is appropriate for those who have either worked with a chromatograph for at least six months or completed the Introductory Gas Chromatograph course.  It prepares participants to operate and repair a Rosemount Analytical 700 Gas Chromatograph. It prepares par­ticipants to operate and repair a Model 700 gas chromatograph.

R4215 covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the flame Photometric Module (FPD) used with the 500, 700 and 700XA. It does not cover any aspect of the theory of the model 500, 700 or

700XA neither does it cover the menus and use of MON2000/MON2020. The course concentrates on practical work. The course is aimed at those who will be carrying out maintenance on the FDP module.

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For this location the course is available On Demand or On Site

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