METCO Hydrocarbon Flow Measurement Uncertainty , M2662 - Emerson Course

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2-Day Training Course

The course addresses the general principles of uncertainty, statistical methods, uncertainty techniques, mathematics of uncertainty and equipment uncertainties.

A sample of the contents is shown below:


  • Explain Accuracy versus Uncertainty
  • Define Error versus Uncertainty
  • Explain Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Explain Tolerance & Uncertainty
  • Random & Systematic Uncertainties
  • Standard Uncertainty
  • Relative Uncertainty
  • Combined Standard Uncertainty
  • Combined Relative Uncertainty
  • Expanded Uncertainty
  • Relative Expanded Uncertainty
  • Root Sum Square (Quadrature Method)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation (Stochastic Approach)
  • Perturbation Method (Finite Differences)
  • Multiplied Terms
  • Divided Terms
  • Square & Square Root Terms
  • Parallel Streams commingling
  • Measurement by Difference

1.6 CEU's

Course Details

Location: UK, Aberdeen
Date Start: 2019-11-19
Date End: 2019-11-20

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