Ovation - Ethernet Link Controller with Third Party I/O, OV296 - Emerson Course

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The OV296 course was designed the enable the end-user to configure, network and troubleshoot Ethernet Link Controllers and third-party I/O points.  Topics covered include: configuration of the ELC in Developer Studio, using the ELC Configuration Tool, simplex and redundant ELC's, networking, communication protocols, editing XML files, graphics, troubleshooting and building third-party I/O points.  Students will configure the ELC to communicate with RTU's via both the Ethernet and Serial links.


Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will be able to:
1.  Explain the workings of an ELC as well as its purpose
2.  Distinguish differences between switches and routers
3.  Explain how IP addresses and subnet masks work
4.  Differentiate between TCP and serial products
5.  Configure both simplex and redundant ELC's in Developer Studio
6.  Install the ELC Configuration Tool and license the communication protocols
7.  Download firmware to the ELC module
8.  Utilize the ELC Configuration Tool to build servers, ports, lines, RTU's and scan-blocks
9.  Edit XML files to perform mass edits of the ELC
10. Build graphics to monitor and troubleshoot the ELC
11. Configure third-party I/O points
12. Map Ovation points to third-party RTU's over various protocols 

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