Fisher Pressure Standards Overview - e0011, e0011 - Emerson Course

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This course introduces pressure classifications as specified by ASME standard B16.34, specifically as it applies to valve selection and maintenance for process control applications. The course discusses design considerations that influence pressure ratings during engineering and selection, specifically related to process temperatures, pressures, and materials used for the construction of the valve body and bonnet components. This course will also cover hydrostatic testing to verify the integrity of pressure retaining components and ensure they meet industry standards. Hydrostatic testing types, basic test procedure, and compliance markings on the valves are all covered. Finally this course will also discuss the impact of pressure class ratings on maintenance of control valve assemblies such setting the appropriate torque for valve packing.



Describe the purpose of the pressure class

Recall pressure class fundamentals

Identify pressure class ratings

Identify pressure class torque practices

Identify valve selection process steps

CEUs: 0.1

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For this location the course is available On Virtual or Demand.

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