Micro Motion Coriolis 2700 Integrate the Meter with the System - Intermediate, e1013 - Emerson Course

Specific for:

​This course is designed for personnel responsible for the installation, configuration, verification and maintenance of Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters.

This online training includes: Configuring the Input & Output Channel Assignments, Configuring Milliamp Outputs, Configuring Frequency Output, Configuring Output Fault Conditions, Configuring Digital Communications, Performing a Loop Test, and Trimming Milliamp Outputs, if required.


Explain how to Configure the Input & Output Channel Assignments

Explain how to Configure Milliamp Outputs

Explain how to Configure Frequency Output

Explain how to Configure Output Fault Conditions

Explain how to Configure Digital Communications

Explain how to Perform a Loop Test

Explain how to Trim Milliamp Outputs, if required


Configuring the Input & Output Channel Assignments

Configuring Milliamp Outputs

Configuring Frequency Output

Configuring Output Fault Conditions

Configuring Digital Communications

Performing a Loop Test

Trimming Milliamp Outputs, if required

CEUs: 0.2


Course Details

For this location the course is available On Virtual or Demand.

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