Assessment Services

Consider Emerson training as the effective short- and long-term solution to maximize the return on your most significant investment: your employees.
Through Emerson coursework, employees obtain the knowledge they need to not only perform their jobs, but seek efficient solutions to daily issues. They will perform with a real sense of ownership and satisfaction — resulting in increased retention.
Whether you choose individual classes or a complete education program designed specifically for your organization, Emerson can be your single expert training source and offer flexibility to work within your schedules and shifts.
Your facility will benefit from these options: .

  • Accelerated boot camp developed for your new recruits.
  • Assessments for skill gap analysis specific to your facility.
  • Efficiently delivered blended learning approach.

To create a competency development program, Emerson follows a proven process that starts with Educational Services consultants leading your management team to identify items such as job-role definitions and skills gap analysis. We will also guide the team to discuss methods of assessing the training success. 


Exceed Expectations with Prepared Personnel
Skilled personnel anticipate needs; they solve tough problems; they make an operation run smoothly. That’s why training is the cornerstone of maximum availability, sustainability, and operational excellence at your facility.

A well-trained team knows their tools and knows how to use them to meet short-term and long-term goals. Work with a partner — Emerson Educational Services can bring your entire team the expertise they need to face each challenge.

Whether your team must configure and calibrate valves, predict machinery faults, or develop a control strategy, Emerson Educational Services has the coursework to prepare your team. Investing in your team will also:

  • Train and keep high-quality team members. What if you train personnel and they leave? Worse yet, what if you don’t train them and they stay? Train personnel and improve not only operations, but a sense of ownership in the operation’s results – a proven ingredient in employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Learn best practices to meet profitability goals. Emerson instructors reach deep into their decades of product experience and industry best practices. Profit from their experience to meet your business goals.
  • Choose hands-on learning and train for real-life challenges. Emerson instructors combine hands-on training with real-life examples to prepare your personnel to find solutions in the midst of challenging situations.

Sources of Skill Shortages

  • Fewer Incoming Workers
  •  Retiring Workforce
  • Fewer Specialists
  • Inexperienced Workers
  • More Technology
  • Larger, More Complex Processes
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