Emerson's Blended Learning

A Solution from Emerson - Training that...

  • blends different learning methods using smart, web based, technologies to make training convenient and easy
  • fits into every working day, so that training no longer competes with other priorities in the plant

 Test Some of the web based capabilities :



Virtual Classroom Courses

Watch an introductory video

Watch a DeltaV Virtual Classroom Demo

See full list of Virtual Classroom courses


Blended Learning

Watch a Fisher Blended Learning Video

Watch BL video course sample: Fisher Rotary Actuators

Watch BL video course sample: Fisher FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers

eLearning Courses

Review all available eLearning Courses

Micro Motion Coriolis – Theory of Operation Demo

Micro Motion Coriolis – Characterizing the Flowmeter Demo

Rosemount Vortex Flowmeter Demo

Fisher Valve Fundamentals

Fisher Actuator Basics

DeltaV Operator Demo



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